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In our English lessons, we have started looking at a new story called "The Tantrum That Saved the World" as we are learning to be like the character Sophie and write a persuasive speech to convince people to save the world.

In Maths we have been working hard with fractions. We can all explain the vocabulary associated with fractions.

In science we are learning about healthy eating and soon we will be making our own digestive systems. Our knowledge of a healthy diet is linking with our new D.T. project as we design a one pot meal for a mountaineer.

In our history lessons we are finishing learning about the Romans and their impact on Britain before we jump into the amazing world of mountains. As we finish our Roman topic, we have been visited by Boudicca and a roman soldier called Dexter Maximus.

It has been an exciting start to our term and look forward to sharing this learning with you all in new displays we are putting together. We will post these displays on our Google Classrooms for you all to see!