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Appearance is one of the aspects by which we are judged in the community. Children attending St Mary’s C of E Primary Academy should be proud to belong to the school and wish to be identified with it by wearing school colours.

It is essential that all items of clothing are clearly marked with the pupil’s name.

  • Grey Trousers, Grey Pinafore Dress, Grey Shorts, Grey Skirt
  • White Shirt or White Polo Shirt
  • School Sweatshirt/cardigan
  • Blue/white check dress (Summer)


Uniform items can be purchased at most high street shops, however the following items which include the school logo can be purchased from Karlsports. Prices start from:

  • School Sweatshirt embroidered with logo £9.75
  • School Sweatshirt Cardigan with logo £10.75
  • School Poloshirt embroidered with logo £7.50
  • Reversible Fleece Jackets with logo £18.00
  • School Caps with logo (one size) £5.00
  • Book Bags £6.75 or £8.50
  • PE Bags £5.00 


Indoor P.E Kit

  • Royal blue shorts/cycling shorts
  • White T-shirt – preferable with logo
  • PE Sweatshirt – pale blue
  • Plimsoles


Outdoor P.E Kit

PE Kit

As the weather turns colder please ensure your child is suitable prepared for both indoor and outdoor PE lessons.

We also advise pupils have gloves and a rainproof jacket.

  • White T-shirt - preferable with logo
  • Pale Blue PE Jumper
  • Royal Blue Jogging bottoms/leggings


Children who participate in football practice need football boots, shin pads, shorts and jersey.

Jewellery should not be worn for any sport, particularly swimming.



Karlsports are able to provide you with uniform. You are able to call, email or collect your orders. 

Please see below for uniform order form