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This term, we are thinking all about our "Blue Planet".

In Literacy, we will be looking at The Tantrum that Saved the World. We will be finding out about the effects that our lives can have on the planet and ways that we can resolve them. The children will learn the skills to write a story with a problem and a resolution.

This term in geography, the children are going to be introduced to 3 new parts of the Earth: the North Pole, the South Pole and the equator. They will learn about colder places being further away from the equator and will begin to explore the human and physical features that can be found in the North Pole and the South Pole. They will discuss the weather, climate and landscape of these two places and will be able to describe their position in relation to the equator and the other continents.

In science, the children will continue to explore the North Pole and the South Pole. They will learn about the animals that live there and how they have adapted to survive. They will also be looking at the seasons and weather in the North and South Poles and make observations about how they are different to the UK and Africa.
In art this term, the children will be focusing on 3D junk modelling. The children will be learning about 3D sculpture and the different materials that can be used to make these. They will then be designing, making and evaluating an animal from the North or South Pole using a range of materials!

This term in RE, our question is Why does Easter matter?

Children will have an understanding of the true meaning of Easter and why it is so important to Christians.

In PSHE, we will be thinking about positive attitude and how we can manage negative feelings like anger