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We have high expectations for our children’s attendance and punctuality and expect them to achieve at least 96% attendance. The children are rewarded weekly with 100% raffle tickets and classes are rewarded weekly with visits from our attendance mascots for best attendance.  We carefully monitor attendance and when necessary issues are addressed rigorously.


School Opening Times

The DFE has stated from  September 2022 that all primary schools' school weeks need to be at least 32.5 hours therefore we are altering our starting and finishing times for all classes from September to make it a more cohesive start to the day.


Starting times: 8:45 am in  class

Finishing times: 3.15 pm

In the morning gates will open at 8:40 am for children to be dropped off at their classes and will be closed promptly at 8:45 am for school to start. Any child arriving after this time needs to go to the School Office and sign in the late book.    In the afternoon gates will open at 3.10 pm for children to be collected at 3:15 pm from their classes.  Please ensure that you drop off and pick up promptly from their class exits.

KS2 children should continue to be encouraged to come into the school site in the mornings by themselves to minimise people accessing the site.


If you have an urgent message please go to the school office window.